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If you're new to, then welcome!

I've created this site as a resource for different groups of people. If you are...

  • A family facing a new set of challenges teaching their young child(ren) from home

  • A caregiver trying to balance working from home and remote learning

  • A teacher trying to figure out what resources to use that are developmentally appropriate

  • A future teacher looking for career advice and certification support

... then you've come to the right place!

This website will provide educational content for children to use independently, with a family member at home, or as part of a teacher-directed online lesson.

If you're a teacher returning to the classroom for in-person instruction, gearing up for remote learning, or preparing for a hybrid of both, let me know what YOU want help with, or want to know more about! This site will be an interactive platform so I can best support teachers, children, and their families.

Make sure to add your email in the subscription box below to keep up with Early Childhood and Special Education resources!

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